Reset Safari – Warehouse Vision / Drunk Again


Reset Safari – Warehouse Vision / Drunk Again

Following on from my Spotlight of Jobe, Reset Safari is another producer who is constantly pushing the boundaries of music production. ‘Warehouse Vision’ and ‘Drunk Again’ are both tracks that are multi – genre, showcasing the producers abilities to adapt and experiment across the music board. Warehouse Vision begins with an uplifting progressive section before smashing into a huge deep bass heavy melody. This track contains a blissful middle section, tempting the listener and then 100% delivering with the second drop, containing the same deep bass line but with a more uplifting and melodic feel to it. Drunk Again contains mezmorising vocals at the start, rolling onto a groovy bass line that is so simple yet effective. Make sure you have a listen, this guy is going places! Warehouse Vision is currently in the top 40 of Beatport. Enjoy

#House #UK Garage #Underground