Raving In Antarctica Isn’t Really Happening, But We Wish It Was


Raving In Antarctica Isn’t Really Happening, But We Wish It Was

April Fool’s is a wonderful day to be on the internet. Artists, companies, and individuals alike take part in creating elaborate hoaxes to entertain, and sometimes genuinely trick us. Insomniac seems to be behind one of the most clever ones yet, as this morning a photo of what appears to be the next installment of their EDC festival series popped up on their timeline. The expertly crafted flyer features their trademark electric daisies in front of snowy glaciers and a penguin, with the EDC logo above the word “Antarctica.” In the post, they link to a Twitter account that has been posting pictures of real penguins, penguin outfits, and claims that “free parkas will be given to the first 401 headliners to enter the festival.” (notice the number 401? like 4/01?)



Dada Life has also posted the dates to their Dada Land Compound Tour and suspiciously added a stop at the McMurdo Research Station in Antarctica (the same place EDC Antarctica claims to be taking place). When you click the link to buy tickets, you are taken to this GoPro video of a penguin dance off. On a side note, I now fully expect to see people doing “penguin trap arms” at any and all festivals because of this.


People are hilariously taking part in the fun with their own original tweets, and the EDC Antarctica account is retweeting like crazy.






We think this is hilarious, but the worst part is we actually wish it could happen. Not only would we all have an excuse to go to the continent of Antarctica, but it would be life-changing to see our favorite DJ’s and a bunch of trap-arm dancing penguins like it’s an EDM-remixed version of Happy Feet. Take my money. Now.

Either way, the April Fool’s hilarity continues and we still have 6 more hours before it’s over. Tell us your favorite April Fool’s moment in the comments below!

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