Premiere : Kittrix – Tension


Premiere : Kittrix – Tension

Fresh off of her performance in the Pixel Forest at EDC 2019, today Los Angeles based producer, vocalist, and DJ Kittrix released her new single “Tension.” The moody, emotive, and passionate track will be featured on her highly anticipated, forthcoming debut EP Mindreader, out May 28th.

On “Tension” Kittrix demonstrates her keen ability to fuse together the best elements of various electronic elements, drawing the best from tech house and bass house. She seamlessly combines her cutting-edge beats with her ethereal, robotic type of vocals, culminating in a catchy, dynamic, and forward-thinking production. Kittrix showcases her powerful storytelling ability by sonically bringing her visions to life through her dexterous and prolific production work. The driving basslines and moody, gritty, and dark beats used on “Tension” symbolize the push and pull in relationships.

Kittrix had this to say about the track, “It’s that feeling when you find yourself at that point in a relationship where you know something is up. When you feel like you no longer know the person. So much so that you wonder who you are and how you got here. That feeling of tension, and it’s open to interpretation whether you love it or hate it. You’re along for the ride.”

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