[Premiere] Dustycloud – Ride


[Premiere] Dustycloud – Ride

Parisian house newcomer Dustycloud just dropped his latest ‘Ride’, a psychologically twisted house track that teases elements of ambient, bass music, and techno.

We last left off on Dustycloud with his OWSLA released track ‘Baguette Vibe‘, which was clearly in the realm of bass house, but now with ‘Ride’ we’re seeing a much deeper and heavier side to his production.

Right off the bat the amount of textural detail and reverberated effects makes this a colorfully dark beat at its core. The drop sounds almost “dusty” with a lot of resonance and noise that drives the bass line down a saturated black hole.

This track feeds off of minimalistic hypnotism just as in certain types of industrial techno, the only difference here is that we could see someone like Malaa dropping this to a mainstage crowd of thousands. It is as much of a banger as it is a deep tech jam and we think this type of crossover is going to take Dustycloud to interesting places with his music.


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