Pell – Runaway (Remix) (feat. White Sea)


Pell – Runaway (Remix) (feat. White Sea)

New Orleans rapper Pell is about as versatile of a recording artist as you will find. After dropping the excellent Floating While Dreaming mixtape this past summer, the 22 year old emcee currently tours North America supporting buzzy indie band Kindness and will make his festival debut this week at the EDM-centric Buku Music + Art Project. In celebration, Pell expands his musical palette even further by remixing his own track “Runaway” in collaboration with producer LARRY BRRD and Los Angeles singer-songwriter Morgan Kibby, recording under the moniker White Sea. The breezy rewrite is perfect for the moment now that winter seems to have finally surrendered to warmer days. Stream Pell’s “Runaway” remix featuring White Sea below.

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