OWSLA Pop-Up + Live Music was a success during MMW


OWSLA Pop-Up + Live Music was a success during MMW

The highly acclaimed record label, OWSLA, has been known to merge music and fashion together. The Owsla Pop Up show has been traveling around the states, making stops at a variety of major cities and it was finally time that it hit Miami.


On March 24th, the event was originally suppose to be held at the Mana Garage in Wynwood. Where people could come in free and be able to purchase pieces from their new collection and at night is when the live music began. Yet, due to Florida’s bipolar weather, the whole event had to get split into two separate occasions. The pop up shop got moved to the Franklin Hotel and the live music got moved to Studio 23.

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And just as we expected it was a party. The roaster included Blaise James, Team EZY, Vindata, DJ Sliink, Chris Lake, Joyryde, Justin Martin and the beautiful Mija. Some of the best sets during MMW were seen here. Jumping from some Dirtybird bassline house, to jersey club, to some drum and bass – the club was jumping.


Even the fire alarm went off because of how lit it was. But don’t worry, it was just a false alarm. The small and dark venue gave off underground warehouse vibes which were perfect for their pop up show and brought everyone together to dance the night away. It was certainly one of our favorite events during MMW and we cannot wait until they return to Miami.

If you wern’t lucky enough to attend the pop up, you can still score some of OWSLA’s cool merch on their website here!

Photo Credit: Chachi Photography + OWSLA FB PHOTOS

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