Monikkr Releases ‘Come Correct’ on Kaleidoscope Records


Monikkr Releases ‘Come Correct’ on Kaleidoscope Records

The New York underground is full of talent. The vast and diverse spectrum it spans can be overwhelming to a new comer at times. Allow me to give you a good place to start. ‘Monikkr’ is the name to search. His most recent track ‘Come Correct’ was released on Kaleidoscope Records 100th Anniversary. Check it out on Beatport, or give it a listen on Soundcloud. If you’re not already familiar with Huda Hudia and his label Kaleidoscope Records, add that to your list of homework as well.

Simply put, this track is great. Produced with precision, ‘Come Correct’ may just be what the curious audiophiles eardrums have been searching for. Tracks like this are what can set an artist’s time on the decks apart from the rest. Catchy lyrics, groovy synths, & steady bass – what more could you ask for? Label boss to NYC Bass Collective, Monikkr has the necessary time, experience, and knowledge to know what sounds make the difference in the club. Alright, enough chit chat. You have your homework, now get to it. Class dismissed.

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