Milkshake Releases ‘Forever’ on The Cavity Collective


Milkshake Releases ‘Forever’ on The Cavity Collective

Jake Todd, better known as Milkshake, is a fresh faced young 16 year old producer from the UK. While still relatively new, Milkshake, looks to spice up the dance music scene with his eclectic chords and melodies. ‘Forever’ is out on Cavity Recordings and is quickly gaining widespread recognition. ‘Forever’ takes you on a musical excursion with utilization of counter melodies and future trap sounds that propels the listener to escape reality and enter a blissful dimension. With its official worldwide release nearing around the corner, ‘Forever’ looks to be a staple on the festival circuits and on Spotify as soon as it hits the airwaves September 26th.

‘Forever’ makes use of intricate melody patterns that tantalize the ear drums. The trap style drums and leads are instrumental in assisting the vocals through high and low points throughout the tune. The song is rich with energy and might taking the listener by surprise at various unexpected points. Milkshake cleverly crafted this tune to serenade then drive the listener into a manic frenzy.

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Written by Hasanul Bhuiyan

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