Miley Cyrus Nude in ‘Wrecking Ball’ Music Video


Miley Cyrus Nude in ‘Wrecking Ball’ Music Video

So we get a ballad from the once Hannah Montana teen superstar Miley Cyrus on a Monday afternoon in the big bad city. Well, the ratchet-meter has definitely lived up to par after the ‘We Can’t Stop’ video hit the world wide web. With Miley Cyrus fully-nude attached to a construction wrecking ball (how creative), the creative minds behind her music videos don’t surprise me anymore. Sure, the woman has once gone to someone with potential to be a true role model for teenage women, to something that people either find extremely ‘bad-ass’ or just outright stupid. So with that being said, how do people really feel about the heartbreak filled song? Feel free to judge, but I’m sure the a cappella will be used to create an absolutely filthy remix. In the meantime, enjoy Miley’s intro-facial and her working that wrecking ball.

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