Lightning In A Bottle Stays Green With Permaculture Action Day


Lightning In A Bottle Stays Green With Permaculture Action Day

When you think about a music festival you may think about the large crowds gathering for the love of music but would you ever think of the same happening for the love of our planet? As the greenest festival in the country, Lightning In A Bottle is proud of their efforts in educating and encouraging attendees to give back to our land. This year The Do Lab has teamed up with performing artist The Polish Ambassador for their annual Action Day, a day full of community participation to regenerate life into San Antonio Lake, LIB’s event grounds.

The vision is simple. Take the energy and excitement of a music festival audience and channel it towards the environment. You have your big festival that is already loved by a huge fan base, and then toss in a musician that is well respected in th ecommunity, and you’re left with a powerful way to guide passionate people into the ways of permaculture.


So how exactly does this work?

Early Arrival Attendees will have the chance to participate in this experience on the Wednesday before the festival.

Action Day participants can expect to help build garden beds, construct a cob oven, plant vegetables and other plants in the ground, plant native trees around the site, build prayer flags, mulch oak trees to keep the root systems of indigenous plants healthy and take a few classes with permaculture gurus throughout the day,’ said Do LaB Co-Founder, Jesse Flemming. ‘They’ll even be able to get down and dirty with The Polish Ambassador, himself.

Lightning In A Bottle is truly the festival of the future. It puts the love of Earth on an equal pedestal as the music and art, which separates it from fellow festivals in the U.S. Creating this festival-wide action is one of the reasons why we can see ourselves coming back each year and we hope to see big positive changes in the landscape of Lake San Antonio for these years to come.



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