Let Jef Miles Take You To “Hana Kuna”


Let Jef Miles Take You To “Hana Kuna”

My ears were entranced when someone threw on this new progressive house track by Jef Miles at a party this past weekend. The tune, titled “Hana Kuna,” spots a drop like I’ve never heard before. High flying fog horns and harmonic vocals come together to create a warm tone that will have you dancing until you breaking a sweat.

Jef Miles is a Vancouver based DJ duo comprised of rising musicians Jeffrey David Harris and Myles Power. It seems like these guys have already garnered recognition from industry giants such as Austin Kramer and Tiësto, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making it big any time now.

After discovering their sound I dove into their discography and was delighted to find an impressive collection of progressive electronic tunes. Their tracks such as “Yi Er San” and “Lights” showcase the same ecstatic energy found in “Hana Kuna.” Definitely check these guys out if you’re a fan of house. And if you dig what you hear, you can download the track for free or buy it here!

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