Kandy and Juyen Sebulba Team Up On ‘Vogue’


Kandy and Juyen Sebulba Team Up On ‘Vogue’

Two up and coming forces of turn ups, Kandy and Juyen Sebulba have teamed up on their latest single, “Vogue.” Brought to us by Brooklyn Fire these two artists have delivered a track that’s the perfect representation of both of their unique sounds.

Rooted in the music intwined within the dance style ‘voguing’, Kandy and Juyen pay homage to an era of culture that was brought to mainstream audiences by Madonna. Adapting similar clicks and clangs typically associated with vogue, they bring it back to relevancy with their own blend of electro/jungle terror.

“Vogue,” has already seen support by Afrojack, Fatboy Slim and Valentino Khan, all of whom have been keeping their eyes on this rapidly growing style of EDM.