John Christian + Arin Tone Pay Their Respects to Guru Josh


John Christian + Arin Tone Pay Their Respects to Guru Josh

With the help of Freeway Recordings and Arin Tone, label head John Christian and company have paid an immense honor and tribute to the late producer and DJ, Guru Josh. Arin Tone & John Christian have once again combined their strengths to create the tribute to Paul Walden who recently died from suicide in December. “Infinity” was the debut single of the British Acid House musician. While being initially released back in 1989 along with re-releases in 1990 and 2008, the ongoing life and energy of the track has spanned the generations of dance music lovers and producers alike while achieving great success on their own across the globe. Now Arin Tone & John Christian have undergone a masterful rework of the track and have achieved staying true to the original composition and integrity. At the same time of accomplishing this feat, the duo also re-recorded every single instrument and vocal. The result is a massive tune that shakes whatever room it is being played in and a proper send off into the heavens. May Guru Josh rest in peace and his music continue to influence and shape music while we make sure to keep on dancing down here on Earth.



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