IYFFE – Beats On Fire Ft. Krime Fyter (Uprise Music)


IYFFE – Beats On Fire Ft. Krime Fyter (Uprise Music)

Brazilian producer In Your Face F*ck Everything has been on a roll. After peaking at #4 on the dubstep charts with his DDOM single via Audiophile Live, as well as other massive singles released with Play Me Records and Dirty Duck Audio, IYFFE’s audacity as a producer has been recognized on an admirable scale.

With Uprise Music backing him, we’ve once again come across another gem from IYFFE and it is easily one of his most ambitious tracks yet.

Beats On Fire is a bass lover’s nightmare. It scrambles together heavy sounds from across the board creating a powerhouse of trap infused energy. IYFFE breaks from the typical EDM structure by throwing in a halftime breakdown before the first buildup, wasting no time before kicking the song into high gear with a ferocious reggae-influenced vocal feature from Krime Fyter.

After an intense build the drop finally hits with enough energy to make any experienced bass head cringe with fear. Rather than push a grimey synth in your face, IYFFE hits us on a gangster level with the extremely dissonant trap horn lead that is smashes through the mix with a huge mainstage feel.

This is a stickup put your hands up and make them clap .

At this point it takes some serious attention to detail for someone to be able to pull off a trap banger that feels this harmonically simple yet totally unique. The drop flourishes with hints of dubstep creating a hybrid punch of flammable trillness. I.Y.F.F.E is able to push a well known sound into a different field with his scattered influence of genres and with that we are left with something consistently interesting and unpredictable.


Once again our friends at Uprise Music deliver a satisfying release absent of any hopes of labeling it under a single genre. This New York based outlet has shown determination in pushing the most forward thinking club tracks leading us to be impressed and excited for every new release.

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