[Free DL] Christofi – Higher feat. Malia


[Free DL] Christofi – Higher feat. Malia

Summer songs require simplicity and space. Both qualities keep tracks relaxed and fresh. This year’s Insomniac Discovery Project winner for EDC Las Vegas 2016, Los Angeles producer Michael Christofi, released a vibrant house track June 7 called Higher, exemplifying what uplifting house work can be. Accenting beautiful synth melodies and an instantly dance-evoking beat with low-pass filters and echo, the song has ample breathing space and is sure to keep heads bobbing and smiles wide for months to come.

The song’s accompanying lyrics, from singer Malia, are soulful and drip with emotion.

Finding the vocalist I heard in my head wasn’t easy. I finally found Malia after hearing her perform locally and knew she was the one

Higher will surely be stuck in listeners heads for days on end, but being such bright track, I doubt many will mind.

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Written by: Aaron Nelson

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