Famba breaks out with the break up song, “Wish You Well”


Famba breaks out with the break up song, “Wish You Well”

There are break up songs and then there are break up songs. Famba, teaming up with Lucky Rose and Trove, delivers one of the year’s most relatable tracks for anyone that has dealt with the drama of a love gone wrong.

The magic behind “Wish You Well” is its authenticity, painting a picture that is vivid and engaging. The evocative lyrics conjure feelings of sympathy, angst, and familiarity, all the while the song’s pop sensibilities hook the listener through its stellar production and delightful appeal.

Famba is definitely an artist on the come up as of late. His 2017 release “Vibe,” has over 27 million global streams to date, and this marks the first release on Sony Canada. However, none of that seems to be going to this Canadian’s head. He says, “ I’m just a guy from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This is what I love. I’m not trying to be anything that I’m not. I hope I can connect with people who share that same passion through my music.”

Accompanying the song’s release is a music video providing it a wonderful visual companion.

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