Dimond Saints’ Sun and Moon Tour is Ooey-Gooey Musical Goodness


Dimond Saints’ Sun and Moon Tour is Ooey-Gooey Musical Goodness

There is nothing better than a good encore. One could even argue that the success of a show hangs on a great encore song. In the case of Dimond Saints‘ Eugene show, the successfulness came not only in the encore song but in the thirty minutes of music played after their set time ended.

Dimond Saints’ Sun and Moon Tour made a stop at the W.O.W. Hall in Eugene, Oregon, and they played perfectly to the strengths of the venue and the vibe of attendees. Their ethereal and soulful sound laced with heavy bass had the crowd stuck in a constant sea of wavy dance moves as Dimond Saints delivered a nonstop flow of their signature style. The pair hails from the Dimond District of Oakland, California and released their first album, Prism in the Dark, earlier this year. It evokes mystery, darkness, and emotion, featuring cosmic and oriental sounds with deep bass and beautiful lyrical samples. It is a true pleasure to listen to and a masterfully produced album. Their track Innocence featuring Yaarohs began Dimond Saints’ encore and was a clear favorite, as the duo decided to entertain the crowd with thirty more minutes of their practiced art form. The lucky attendees who stayed until the end were invited to get down with Dimond Saints on the small stage as the fans and DJs exchanged a mutual gratitude for one another. The whole night was a true celebration of great music.

Dimond Saints’ music and sound will no doubt capture your attention, and the performance they give is ooey-gooey lusciousness. Don’t skip on this crew; it’s indeed a worthwhile show.

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Written by Morgan Kaufer

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