David Dilin – Picture Generation [Daily-Beat.com Premiere]


David Dilin – Picture Generation [Daily-Beat.com Premiere]

With the upcoming release of his 2nd EP International Phonetic Architect (IPA), Arality artist David Dilin has been working hard to promote a message of truth and clarity in his music. In his new single Picture Generation, Dilin talks about how this generation has moved towards communicating in ways that take less time, such as pictures. He then goes on to talk about the actual generating of pictures, since image hosting programs and sites have become ever so popular that they generate profits off of your pictures and use them for their own advertisements. A great example of a website that does this is Instagram.

I got to sit down with David and talk about this song for a bit, and he had a lot of interesting things to say not only about his music, but about life. When he first started writing, he used Tumblr and was happy about the large writing community on the site, joining a group writing blog called We Write We Speak. As time moved on, he noticed more and more pictures being posted, and less words, even pictures that people have not taken themselves. It dawned on him that blogs had become less personal and less genuine. After doing more research, he discovered that image hosting sites like Instagram have ownership over what you post on their website, and can sell or use them for advertisements. He aimed to draw attention with this track with eerie sounds and an overall dark feel, but only for the sake of enlightening the listeners on this issue. Dilin is not against social media or Instagram, since he has his own pages, but he just wants people to be aware of what they consent to after agreeing to the privacy policies that we ever so often look over. Picture Generation is free to download, and IPA will be available on July 29th out of Arality Records. So grab your copy today and as always, happy listening!

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