Bonobo & Nick Murphy’s Dreamy Collaboration


Bonobo & Nick Murphy’s Dreamy Collaboration

With the release of his new album Migration, Bonobo strikes back this year with a dreamy track and that laid-back flow we all know and love. In “No Reason” he brings in vocalist Nick Murphy (more notably known as Chet Faker) to add his emotionally driven falsetto that perfectly accompanies the pulsing chorus sounds notably present at the start of the tune. The backbeat has a house influence with its steady four-on-the-floor beat, but it falls behind the the chords that bounce around and swell, defining the chill tune.

Bonobo switches up his characteristic bell-like chimes by downplaying them into more of an arp-like twinkling. The lively minimalism used in this track contrasts his usual worldly and complex style. It has the kind of sound that one would sway to in the middle of a Tycho-like sunrise set.

Be sure to take a listen to the rest of his newly released album, Migration. Each track has its own distinct characteristic sounds that stand out from the others, but the mellow vibe is consistently emulated within each one.bonobo-migration

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