Black Saint – Could You Love Me? (Dub Mix)


Black Saint – Could You Love Me? (Dub Mix)

London music trio Black Saint have just released a dub mix for their hit ‘Could You Love Me?‘ after successfully attaining over 1.2 million views on YouTube for their original mix.


An inventive fusion of house, R&B, trap and hip-hop, the original mix of the tune personifies Black Saint’s own sub-genre of house music. Always focused on bass and beats, the new dub mix naturally pushes the original’s rhythmic pulse to new heights. In addition to its dancefloor oriented sound which can also encompass elements of garage, jungle and reggae, this spirit is grounded in an uplifting ethos which promotes a message of integrity, truth, beauty and positivity: unity over narcissism and humanity over materialism.

Inspired by the musical influences of London’s second generation Caribbean/West Indian diaspora, Black Saint grew up surrounded by the rare groove and soul that soundtracked long summer days at the Notting Hill Carnival, as well as the pirate radio stations at the forefront of the early garage and jungle scenes. Now, however, is their time to influence the world around them.

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