Awww, Giraffage and Slow Magic are So Cute [Free Download]


Awww, Giraffage and Slow Magic are So Cute [Free Download]

With summer making its way to the finish line and festival season coming to a close tons of tours are being announced, and that means tons upon tons of new music. The end of the year tour that peaked my interest the most was Slow Magic and Giraffage hitting the road together; talk about a show on point with the vibez. Not only did they announce their tour but they also released a new track together entitled “So Cute” which walks the lines of ambiance and future sounds so precisely and beautifully it’s a shame that it is only three and a half minutes long.

“So Cute” is the kind of track you put on after a long day and chill to in the warm late summer nights. However, by the first drop, initiated by the barrage of Slow Magic’s drums, it dares you not to get up and groove along to the future bass melodies that sound and feel equal parts Slow Magic and Giraffage. As a matter of fact there are many parts of the song you can feel both artists’ influence simultaneously as if they merged minds to create this track. The brilliant part is that even though there is such fluidity and mixing of both artists’ unique sounds there is obvious parts where they shine through individually.





Another part of this track I thoroughly enjoyed was the use of samples. The two that stood out the most were birds tweeting and dial tone from a telephone, which are used in the second half of the song to carry the melody which ends in a downward spiral. “So Cute” is definitely my favorite collab track put out this year, apologies to Skrillex and Diplo

This song is available for free download on Giraffage’s SoundCloud and you can grab tickets to see Giraffage and Slow Magic at a city near you HERE.

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