Above & Beyond ~ Coming to a city near you


Above & Beyond ~ Coming to a city near you

In the world of dance music, there are some names which are recognized everywhere. I feel one of those names is Above & Beyond. This is a group that has stood the test of time. Their music and live events are known throughout the dance music community. It doesn’t matter what genre is your go to, I’m willing to wager that you’re at least familiar with the name Above & Beyond.

Now, incase you happened to be unaware, A&B are about to release (on Jan. 26) a new album titled “Common Ground. To go with this album, they’re on a multi-national tour. This tour happens to have a few east coast stops. I’d like to specifically highlight the stop in Philadelphia this Thursday, Jan. 25th. That night, they’re performing at The Fillmore. Tickets are still available, click here to get ’em.

Interested in the tour, but on a different date or location? Click here to see the remaining tour dates. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, every advance ticket sold in the USA comes with a copy of their new album.

I really can’t twist your arm much more. You know the name, you have the info, it comes with a free album, I mean c’mon. Do yourself a favor, go to the show and get a nice dose of the feels.

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