5 Things We Learned At The NYC BNR Party


5 Things We Learned At The NYC BNR Party

It’s been 10 years since the BoysNoize Records came into the electronic music scene. Within those ten years there have been over one hundred releases on the label as well as endless label parties. The label just finished its stop at Webster Hall and we can’t wait to share what we learned!

1. Mr.Oizo never disappoints 

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Quentin Dupieux otherwise known as Mr.Oizo just turned forty last year but it didn’t stop the movie director/music producer from throwing down a set that had the crowd screaming at the top of their lungs. The set was a true homage to the french electro-house sound from 2007-2009 that would have had club goers from the era dancing with joy. Oizo kept the music in the family by playing some of the hardest hitting tracks the French had to offer at the time. If I can give you a tune that would represent Mr.Oizo’s set, it would be Gesaffelstein’s track “Opr“. Oizo played it at the beginning of his set and it set the tone for it while reminding the crowd that the French underground will always have a heavy presence in electronic music.

2. Salva and Baauer prove that they aren’t one trick ponies 

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The two are well known for their work in the trap genre and people were expecting a lot of it to be dropped. However fans were either disappointed or glad that the two didn’t drop much of the 140+ bpm music. The night was for Boys Noize Records and Salva kept it that way during his opening set for with his own remix for Boys Noize himself. Salva kept the vibes going with his own choice of techno tracks and jersey club that had enthusiast scratching their heads as they were trying to ID tracks. Baauer showed up as one of the special guest for the night and had near perfect synergy with Boys Noize as they were doing a back to back set together. Speaking of back to backs….

3. Handbraeks is a match made in heaven. 

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Take two of the arguably best DJ’s in electronic music and you have a flawless match made in heaven. Handbraeks is the side project of Mr.Oizo and Boys Noize and in the three years of the projects existence, the two never did a set together as the project. That was the case up until last Saturday when the two did a back to back set as Handbraeks. The two played some originals as Handbraeks but went beyond expectations with how heavy the set actually was. I’m usually one of those people who likes to stand back and listen to music but I can honestly say, that set for however long it was made me lose my s^%t! Hopefully this won’t be the only Handbraeks set that will happen as the world needs to hear what I heard that night.

4. The crowd makes the night.

Boys Noize has always had a great crowd but with a weekend with not one but four festivals happening at the same time, some were questioning what the turn out would be. Fear not though, because Webster Hall had a full house! It was a full house consisting of fans wearing endless amounts of BNR gear and people who were able to ID tracks that I couldn’t. It was full of like-minded fans who were there to see their favorite DJ and dance the night away. In a world dominated by big room genres and stage production, last Saturday proved that there are still plenty of people out there who just want to come out to dance to good music.

5. Boys Noize is coming back really soon. 

You heard it here first.

July 18
Boys Noize / Boysnoize Records / Berlin, Germany
Busy P b2b Boston Bun / Ed Banger Records / Paris, France
A. G. Cook / PC Music / London, UK
Danny L Harle / PC Music / London, UK
Lafawndah (Live) / New York, NY
Lotic / Tri Angle Records + Janus / Berlin, Germany

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