5 Artists to Catch at HARD Summer’s 10 Year Anniversary


5 Artists to Catch at HARD Summer’s 10 Year Anniversary

Only a month remains until music fans gather for HARD‘s 10th rendition of their flagship event, returning to the Fontana Speedway. Needless to say, this year’s lineup is just as if not more stacked than ever and we are excited to be back. In anticipation to this year’s activities, here are our personal top 5 artists that are a must see for the entire weekend:

5. Phlegmatic Dogs


Hailing from Russia, Demian and Frenkie have been turning heads with their bass infused style of tech house. With a couple of successful releases on Night Bass, we are ecstatic to have them come out to SoCal to show us what they’re all about. One of the lesser known acts on the lineup, Phlegmatic Dogs are sure to bring out the fire.

4. Mad Zach


Bringing forward the next generation of bass music, San Francisco native and current Berlin resident Mad Zach will also be playing HARD for his first time. His recently released EP Fortress contains a plethora of spacey, weird, and downright insane bass music that is sure to send you into another dimension.

3. Louisahhh


Louisa Pillott, better known as LOUISAHHH!!! is a unique eclectic soul. Along with being a certified cycling instructor and horse trainer, she is an absolute monster on the decks, throwing down techno with the likes of Brodinski and others in her new home of Paris. Originally from New York, Louisa has made strides for women in the scene and we cannot wait to see her play. What also makes her brand of music so unique is the addition of her icy, hypnotic vocals.

2. Jimmy Edgar


Jimmy Edgar has been on the forefront of electronic music, recently playing at the most recent HARD Day of the Dead with Machinedrum as J.E.T.S. In a breakout year highlighted by two EPs and an exhaustive global tour, the most significant shift in the techno wizard’s life was the launch of his new enterprise, Ultramajic. Part record label, design house, and metaphysical portal, Ultramajic (created in 2013 and managed by Edgar and creative partner Pilar Zeta), alchemically melds music, design, objects, and installations into a holistic multi-sensory experience.

1. Dog Blood


The well known collaboration between Skrillex and Boys Noize, Dog Blood was a huge hit on the 2013 festival circuit with their unique style of acid house. The influences from both artists can be heard in their works, and fans have been itching to see them since their disappearance from the scene. Their performance at HARD Summer will be their only one of 2017, so you know that we are in for quite the show.

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