Zkosta Reveals Inspiration for New Music, Life in Quarantine, and Details for forthcoming ‘Be’ EP

May 19, 2020 -

Daily Beat Staff

With the release of your ‘Be’ EP: Part One, you admitted that you were going through a lot of personal struggles that impacted the project… are you able to tell us more about the personal struggles? Or alternately - can you detail where listeners can hear the influence, within the two tracks?

Last year, I had been working on the track “Just Be” for over 6 months, not really getting the track where I wanted it to be. I was struggling through addiction problems; constantly unhappy with where I was in life and trying to use negative vices to fill the void within myself. One night, I decided to get out of the studio and attend a show that Deorro was headlining. Later in the night, I had the opportunity to speak with Deorro himself; a conversation that would end up having a great influence on my “Be” EP. During our talk, I experienced this incredible moment of happiness when he gave me positive feedback on some of my new tracks and projects I was working on. It was just the motivation I needed at the time. This interaction with Deorro helped inspire not only the title “Words” for another song I had been working on with Mike Melinoe, but for me to finished the track “Just Be” as well. Ultimately, the “Be” EP was inspired by the addiction problems I struggled with and overcome, and my realization that I should live in the moment. I believe that it’s the moments in life that stop to enjoy that make life worth living. 

Part One of your ‘Be’ EP has a UK Garage and Deep House. Will Part Two continue on with this sound or evolve?

You can expect the incorporation of some heavier club, bass house sounds but the vocals will still be emphasized the most on the tracks.


What are your major influences affecting your songwriting and producing of the next part of the EP?

The influence change has had in my life- whether it be the pandemic, family issues, etc- has affected the tracks I am producing more than anything else. I feel like I am riding the roller coaster of life and what helps me deal with all the constant changes is producing music. I put all my emotions into my work and by creating tracks that reflect my battle with change, I feel like I am escaping out of a hole and coming out on top of those negative feelings. 

When can we expect to see the drop of the next part of your ‘Be’ EP?

At the beginning of September!

Has life in Quarantine affected your career in any positive ways?

It has allowed me to focus more on my music production because I am not so focused on my club-life work schedule.

Negative ways?

I wouldn’t really say it has affected me negatively too much; I have been adjusting my schedule and adapting to the changes brought by quarantine by staying focused on my goals. The only thing I can think of that sucks is that I haven’t been able to observe other DJs playing- which is usually a source of my inspiration. 

Have you learned anything new about yourself while in Quarantine?

Not really, just have been extra appreciative of the people in my life who have been supporting me through these crazy, uncertain times. 

How have you been connecting with your fans and peers during Quarantine?

I have been doing several things to connect with my fans during this time including making new music, releasing music (such as the “Be” EP), doing some livestream sets and curating new art with my photographer that I have been sharing on my social media.

What do you miss the most about “normal” life?

I miss being out around people and DJing for them. Making others dance and feeling their energy when I play music live is one of my favorite things.

What advice would you give to someone having a hard time coping with the isolation of Quarantine?

When you have spare time, you have time to try out new things that normally you wouldn’t be able to experiment with and explore. Take this extra time you have in quarantine to try new things and pursue new interests. Use this as an opportunity to take a chance on your desires and curiosities. 

What’s your go-to album to help soothe you when you’re deep in your feels?

My go-to albums would be “LP” by Marshall Mathers or “The Score” by Fugees. These albums inspire me because these people were honestly telling the stories of who they were- in my eyes it was solid content because none of it was aesthetic. The tracks on those albums gave great insight into them as people.

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