Zac Efron's "We Are Your Friends" Has Our Eyes Rolling

May 19, 2015 -

Sydney Jow

Back in September, we reported that Alesso was teaching Zac Efron how to "DJ" for a movie.  The first trailer is here, and it leaves a lot to be desired. There has been a ton of hype surrounding the new "EDM Movie" starring A-lister Zac Efron; the general plot line follows a young California college student whose dream is to become a "DJ", a festival superstar, a whatever the hell Avicii is, if you will. The official trailer dropped today, and its 3 minutes and 15 seconds of pure blasphemy. The only thing that might make this blockbuster borderline bearable is if they happen to have a 20 minute full frontal of Efron, but overall it's basically a shallow mockery of everything we try to uphold in the dance music community.

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not being a hater nor do I think the actual making of a film surrounding the "EDM" world is a bad thing. In fact, it means we're making our mark; people say the DJ is the modern day rockstar, and this proves it. If Hollywood is willing to spend millions of dollars to make a film about our current musical situation, then great. It means this is a global phenomenon, something worth months of production, a celebrity cast, and giant piles of money in box office profits. But up to this point, that's all it is. Creating a movie for millions of people to see was a huge opportunity, a massive chance to showcase what the dance music community is really about. We're so much more than what most people see us as. It's not about the big parties, celebrity guests, and copious amounts of drugs (really...its not). It's about an overall appreciation and understanding of an eclectic style of music that brings people together the way nothing else can. It's a feeling, a togetherness, and sense of freedom; being able to explain that through a big budget film would have been MAJOR. However, (from what we've seen so far) this is a sheer farce on what is concrete and meaningful in our culture.

In one of the trailer's opening taglines, Efron divulges "If you're a DJ, all you need is a laptop, SOME talent...and one track". Are you f****** kidding me? (Excuse my french). We are already seen  by many outsiders as mere molly popping, beat dropping, sweaty neon tank top wearers; with the controversy surrounding dangerous drug use and money hungry event runners, we already fight day in and day out to legitimize our culture as a real, art driven, community. We are drawn together by our love or music in the purest sense; and now Hollywood is proclaiming to the masses that those we worship and revere are talent-less dunces with nothing but a laptop and a fancy pair of headphones? How DARE you. Not only is this giving fuel to the unfortunate over-saturation of the music scene, but it is a blatant slap in the face to every DJ and producer out there. People who have devoted decades of their lives to this art, who perform and produce at a sharp, intricate level that cannot be picked up or taught without years of experience; an outrage would be an under statement.

The character then proceeds to explain his DJ-ing expertise (he is an EDM scholar at this point, obviously), "128 BPM, that's the magic number" he asserts as the trailer kicks off to an actual plot line. It's clear at this point the makers of this movie had to include at least one random relevant piece of information concerning electronic music in sad hopes to hollowly permit themselves some form of credibility. Once again though, the use and insertion of this is just a further travesty on the already s**t-ridden film they've created. Not only do you not need any real talent to be a key player in the EDM world; but now, there is also only ONE universal BPM to follow to in order for anyone to enjoy our music. Why don't you make us look a little less simple-minded?  To top it off, the trailer features a one second montage of a pupil enlarging, and hairs raising. An intelligent homage to ecstasy use, don't you think?

As you can see, we're a little heated over this situation. But maybe it will all turn out better than we expect (fingers crossed)! What do you think of the new "We Are Your Friends" trailer?

(Watch Below)


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