Yellow Claw Talks New Releases And Discuss Involvement With 'Techno' Video In An Exclusive Interview At EDC Orlando

November 16, 2014 -

Daily Beat Staff

In the midst of a chilly Friday evening at the 4th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando, Florida, I was privileged enough to sit down with Amsterdam's finest trio, Yellow Claw. Bizzey, Jim Aasgier and Nizzle shared vital information such as what they've been working on lately and where they feel the electronic dance music community is headed. Read on below and you may learn things about Yellow Claw that you hadn't known before.


YC = Yellow Claw

Ariel DB: Can you guys tell me about your set and how it felt to be in front of such a big crowd?

YC: It was really fun. We came out and it was still light, then it was dark in 5 minutes. There was such a great vibe then all the lights were on. So we were happy with the whole set, a lot people of came out with SO much energy. We played some of our new tracks and people appreciated it and they went hard so it was fun.

Ariel DB: Was this your first EDC Orlando?

YC: Yeah, it actually was. We played two other Electric Daisy Carnival's, one in New York and the other in Las Vegas. They were both super fun. It was our first time in Orlando playing at the main stage. Every time we play at EDC it's an eye-opener. Everything is so big, it's huge! We feel special every time we play here. All the intros are crazy.

Ariel DB: You guys did have a pretty epic intro huh?

YC: Yeah we couldn't see it but we heard it. We're very happy with Insomniac putting us on all these stages from L.A. to Orlando

Ariel DB: Can you clarify the difference between the dance music scene in Amsterdam to here in the U.S.?

YC: (In the U.S.) It's definitely way more diverse. There are way smaller parties with specific sounds. It's fun for us to come around here. Everything is so fresh, everything is so new. Anything is possible; there are no boundaries. In Holland, it's fun as well but different. You should go there. You really get in there and it's more intense with a specific thing.

Ariel DB: As for the music video for "Techno," I wanted to ask what role you all had in making it and how much you were involved in the message?

YC: We direct and produce our own videos. We spoke to Diplo about it and he's seen what's been happening for a long time. The video wasn't against drugs, it was a statement about it. People are doing drugs and you can't change that, but what you can change is the information surrounding the subject and a little bit of awareness about it. Don't forget all the f**ked up stuff that happened at Mad Decent Block Party. A couple of kids died out there, so for Diplo this was important.

Ariel DB: What's next for Yellow Claw? Anything new coming up?

YC: We have a song coming out: "Til it Hurts." There's a video coming out where you can already pre-order it in Europe and it's coming out in the states as well pretty soon. We're working on a new album and new mix-tapes, with new releases on the Barong Family label - so a sh*t load of new stuff. People got to keep their eyes open. Don't forget the BLOOD FOR MERCY, is going to be even cooler than it was before.

Photo Credit: Marinade Photography


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