New Mix Released by Yacine A "Day One Chapter 2013" (Deep House)

January 5, 2013 -

Christopher Lavinio

Well, since there are so many writers on this site who post about bogus shit, I have taken it upon myself to counter those shitty posts with content that real house music listeners might actually like. Deep House is on the rise and it is posts like this one that will allow you to be in on the next big thing before it actually hits. Believe it or not, being tuned into something that is about to explode is actually a lot better then waiting for a fad to explode and then jumping on the train with the rest of the uneducated conformist masses.

Yes, YOU. You, the kid who stumbled upon this post. The kid who isn't sure if "people at a party would dance to this." The kid who is listening to this wondering when he is going to "drop" it. First of all, fuck you. Now, since I have that out of the way, I appologize. It's just that I am both thankful for the recent popularization of house music and full of loathing in respect to the fact that much of what used to make the genre great has been perverted by a bunch of over the top MDMA heads who think bigger and louder means better. If you want the, go listen to Van Halen or something, it's the same idea.

Anyways, I'm sorry for my continued cynicism. The real point of this is to promote a great artist: Yacine A. This mix is funky fresh and you'll enjoy it, whether you are a frequent Deep House listener or if this is a  big deviation from the norm for you. Lots of great tracks in here and a lot of great samples that come into play. Check it out and PLEASE share this with your friends.



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