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April 15, 2016 -

Daily Beat Staff

Jon Worrell is an artist manager based in Orange County, California and a man of many talents. From providing counsel and advice to up and coming artists and producers, to assisting in the everyday and behind the scenes dealings that are necessary to build and maintain a successful career in the music industry. Jon has had a hand in the careers of Koyote, Pag & Mylo and BLVCK LIGHT to name but a few. Whether an artist is just starting out or looking to revamp a few things in their press kit and get a new look to rebrand going, Jon Worrell has a knack for putting the finishing touch on a work progress. These days it helps to have someone like this in your corner, whether you need a manager or help with the hundreds of other daily and necessary items that need attention to sustain a successful career. With his experience and refreshing state of mind, producers and artists from across the country have sought the aid of Mr. Worrell, head of OneShot Entertainment. We were able to talk with Jon and some of the artists themselves for a first-hand account of the process and results that each have experienced along the way.


"My goal through consulting is to allow my clients to see the music industry as a whole. There are so many tools out there that they can use to progress their careers and get them to the level they are striving for. The only people who have the right to tell you aren't good enough or talented enough are the fans. Your numbers will speak for themselves. My main focus to get my clients circulation up, and not just on their music but their brand! Marketing and branding accumulate for more than half of the industry and until that changes artists need to make sure they adhere to those standards. Some of my most successful clients just to name a couple, are BLVCK LIGHT and Pag & Mylo; they have taken their brand to such a level that circulation has virtually taken care of itself. Their fans are yearning for information about them, and not because they have to but because they want to. I'm into building brands genuinely while generating curiosity and providing fans and prospective fans the opportunity to be involved in my clients careers."

Jon Worrell


"When we first started our duo, we were naive and new to the music industry. With John’s help, we

were able to form a proper electronic press kit, develop a brand, and make ourselves more marketable

to venues. John and OneShot Entertainment was able to bring us to a level that otherwise would have

taken months to obtain. His services are without a doubt valuable to upcoming artists."

Mylo - Pag&Mylo


"Jon Worrell first reached out to me on Instagram. He gave me his number and told him to give him a call. He told me he was a manager looking for new talent but also did consulting for artists to help guide their careers. At first I got all excited but then I realized where I was in the current moment of all of this. This is what working with Jon has given me. It's a step back and guidance towards a professional future. Many artists are looking for managers but don't even have a product to sell to them. You can be amazingly talented or some sort of musical genius but there are many other parts to being a professional DJ/Producer and of course we all want to be looked at as that. This is where Jon came in for me. He taught me about branding yourself and making yourself into something that sells. I won't go too much into detail but if you want to get from A to B in your career I would strongly consider consulting and my boy Jon here is pretty damn good at it. All in all, don't rush to get a manager if you aren't ready for one yet. There is no problem with that at all."

Jesse Gardziel

"So we started working with Jonathan back in August and that was also when Andrew and I started our new duo project, "BLVCK LIGHT." Jon helped us build the foundation of our brand by helping us set up all of our social media sites and then advising how to get us followers on those sites. He also shared insight on what professionals in the music industry look for such as promoters, record labels and other DJs and producers. He also helped us set goals for ourselves and make a schedule for when new music should be done. Jon Worrell always elaborated on every bit of information in great detail, and really made it easier to understand. I learned more in a few months than I did on my own within 4 years. He has been very supportive and pushing us to work hard and reach above the rest. I couldn't recommend him more to someone else who is in need of consulting. Most importantly though, not only did we gain a valuable connection, but we also gained an awesome and trustworthy friend. He's an all around great guy and when we aren't talking business, we're just kicking back playing on Xbox live playing Star Wars Battlefront and talking about random stuff. That's crucial to have in a mentor because it makes it so much easier to relate and appreciate each other's personality and expertise."

Michael Liedtke - BLVCK LIGHT


"The transformation has been amazing; from only doing house parties to having multiple residencies at venues is pretty much the sum of his guidance. I've faced the challenges of trying to become a successful DJ, but I haven't done it alone. Jon Worrell has been there every step of the way and he's helped me get a new logo and a brand started but the best part is that he doesn't do it for you. He allows you to earn the knowledge through guidance and experience instead of spoon-feeding it. I have been with him for almost 9 months and I can recall when I first approached him, he was straight up and said there was no need for management. I had no background as a DJ. Now 8 months later, I've had 3 club residencies at the same time, photo shoots constantly and if that alone isn't results then I don't know what is. There are many ways I want to thank him, but in my opinion the best thank you is to take in the wisdom he gives and actually apply it. Huge shout out and 1000 thanks for all he's done and will do."

Jay Vargas

"Since working with Jon Worrell I've gained extremely valuable knowledge on how to turn a hobby of mine into a potential career. The methods that Jon Worrell preaches have given me a true plan of attack to hit the ground running with not only my music but with branding and marketing as well. I had no a clue how to get myself started but after a month of consulting with Jon, I have a formula that will keep me on a constant progression towards my ultimate goal which is a career in music. I highly recommend any up and comers to reach out to Jon Worrell and One Shot. A lot of things have happened for me in the last month, I was very overwhelmed so I reached out to One Shot and since then Jon has helped guide me to make educated, well thought out decisions that will get me where I need to be in the long run."

Chad Meador


 Jon Worrell

OneShot Entertainment





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