What to Wear to Coachella - Mens Edition [Fashion]

April 11, 2013 -

Brett Blackman

Que Summer, Que stuffing clothes into rucksacks and suitcases, Que road trips, Que getting ready for flights, Que two weekends of mind blowing music and impossibly beautiful people, Que Coachella.

Step One: Tailored Shorts - NOAA Weather service is predicting high 80's f. for weekend #1 & #2, which means that shorts should be the staple of your Coachella look. It has been several seasons in the making, but it appears that this is finally the summer of the tailored Bermuda short. On and off the runway we have been seeing some pretty fantastic (and colorful) styles, which look great with everything from a tanktop to a suit and tie. When picking out your shorts, be weary of length. As the trend is to keep the inseam above the knee, be aware of what looks good on you. Gentlemen with longer legs will probably want to stay away from the shorter  5" inseams and go for something closer to 9", as to avoid the cross-country track-short look. In the hotter weather, a pair of linen shorts will make a world of difference over polyester and other synthetic materials, as the natural fibers help wick away sweat and keep you looking fresh through out your dancing, partying, and other Coachella related shenanigans.  For a more casual look, wear your shorts sans belt.

H&M Chino Shorts $24.99

Or if you are feeling adventurous and have an old pair of fitted trousers or skinny jeans, go for the DIY look and make your own cut-offs.


Step Two: What's on Top? - This is an opportunity for you to express your personal identity — Tailored Shorts go great with almost everything. Whether you want to go with a simple linen or cotton oxford shirt or a patterned or graphic T-shirt or Tanktop, its up to you. Here are some looks I dug up to give you inspiration.


For some sweet EDM and Rave themed Tanks check out our friends over at Bad Kid Clothing!


While they are not for everyone, Hawaiian Shirts are also making a glorious comeback endowing their wearers with that laid-back, kitch class. Check out SpecialK's November post on how to pull off these bad boys.


STEP THREE: SHOES and HATS - Odds are your going to do a lot of walking at Coachella. You're also going to be doing a lot of dancing, jumping and getting into trouble — it's for these reasons that we say: leave the sandals at home. This brings us into the often difficult area of wearing shoes, sneakers, and boots with shorts. Here is the secret to not looking like a chump or a bro: get under ancle socks or wear no socks at all. Unless you really want to go for the knee high boyscout look (Hey if you can pull it off, go for it) we recommend showing off those beautiful calfs of your's. Here are some of our favorite shoes for festivals:


Now we all know that you are going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, so you're probably going to want to bring a hat. The Straw Fedora is a summer classic,  but if you feel like being an adventurous, try sporting the lesser known Boat Hat made famous by silent movie star Harold Lloyd. For a more urban look stick to Snapbacks and Caps.

Perry Ellis Straw Fedora $40

After you have these essentials of your dapper Coachella look down, we suggest accessorizing with wooden jewelry and bradded belts!

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