Washington DC: Pleasurekraft @ Ustreet Music Hall

November 27, 2012 -

Christopher Lavinio

Hey. You're in the DC Metro area. You have legs (or a similarly ambulatory means of movement aka wheelchair). You like music, no, you FUCKING LIVE FOR MUSIC. Okay, so you don't live for music, but live performances make you sweaty like a middle school boy locked in Kate Upton's closet, hiding in the coats, watching her undress with fearful reverence of what is enough cleavage to kill an elderly Japanese man. Even if this doesn't sound like you at all, I highly recommend all DC show-goers to check out Pleasurekraft at U street Music Hall this Saturday (12/1). First of all, its the 1st of December, which is the 8th day of Christmas, and that is cause to celebrate. Secondly, U Street Music Hall was just rated the 2nd best soundsystem in America, which is the land of the motherfucking free in case you forgot. Finally, look at the name. Pleasurekraft. Let's break that down: the kraft, which must be ancient Phoenician for "craft", of pleasure, which I've been told is something people enjoy. Not enough for you? Listen to these tracks. Maybe they will persuade you where I have failed. But I hope to see you dancing out there this Saturday, or popping a sick-ass wheelchair wheelie if you're the legless reader I accommodated parenthetically in my second sentence. Enjoy.

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