VOLAC: From Russia With Love (and by Love, we Mean Bass)

September 12, 2017 -

Barrett Hoffer

Closing out their Aus & US “No Love Tour”, Russian duo VOLAC came to throw down at BangOn!NYC’s Elements Music & Art Festival. Still relatively new in the US scene, Volac has come on with a FORCE. With heavy, bass thumping, house music, these guys don’t often disappoint. Despite a busy schedule with back to back shows, we were able to sit down with the Russian duo after their set. Check out the stories these guys shared with us below.


DB: Alright! Hey guys, you’re finishing up a tour right now. You went Australia then US. From what you noticed, talk about some of the differences you’ve seen in the crowds and fans from Australia to US.

For first, in Australia, they really enjoy some big house music & house music. We play different music there but everyone understands it. But US like Americans they prefer fast mixing, you know, they don’t like mixing long.  It’s more like bass house music that’s why we try and play more of that. That’s the difference.

DB: A festival like this, elements, it has a very unique theme, it’s very different. Has a sort of underground, post-apocalyptic feel. You guys ever see anything like this before?

Yeah man, I can tell you, yeah one time in Brazil, we were in a festival like this in Sao Paulo, some underground and stuff. Some trains with graffiti, it was cool. It looks a lot like this one. Yeah when we came, at first, I just seen it and said, oh my god, it really looks like this one. I think I already played here before.

DB: It’s like, wait, I think I’ve already been here before

Yeah yeah

DB: You guys have been all the US with this tour, and I know NYC is cool, but considering hard summer, where was your favorite place to play in the US?

Mmm, California. Yeah California was 100%. You know, I don’t know, but, in California, I feel better, you know? It’s like sunny days and the people are so open, they do whatever they want, you know, and for me it’s important. And about the music, they enjoy our music. We were at a festival, it was the beginning of our set, it was 15 or 20 people in the dancehall. After 15 minutes, it was 100 and more. People came to listen to our music because they know about us, it was amazing.

DB: Now speaking of that, especially here in the states, I know I found you guys from Night Bass. How did you guys gt hooked up with Night Bass?

Man, it was 1 year ago, we had maybe 3 tracks, and we had to find a label, you know? And when we sent to AC Slater, after maybe 1 day, we received in the mail him saying, yeah I wanna sign you over. It was like a surprise for us. For a long time, we believed in these tracks, but couldn’t sign, you know, and when I received this message I was, oh my god. Night Bass is one of the bigger crews in the states, and we are from Russia, you know, he really understands our style of music. Yeah, AC, he has great taste, you know. I talked with him two days ago  I just asked him, why you sign our tracks? What reason? Do you really enjoy our music? He said yeah, I wanna create a big team with great producers, DJs, music, and that’s why after the first day with him, I actually don’t wanna sign tracks with other labels. Because he actually cares about the family, you know? Like, Night Bass? It’s a family. Its not like a normal label. In our life we’ve released so many tracks on different labels, but nobody cares about your geeks, about your personality, about your future like they do. About the PR of the tracks, of the Eps, they do a really great job.

DB: That’s really awesome to hear guys, right on

Yeah yeah! Haha

DB: Coming up here in the future, do you guys have anything special planned? Any surprises for our readers? Any sneak peaks?

You know, we wanna try to do some tracks with some rappers because hip hop is so trendy not only in the US, but everywhere. In every country its hip hop, its  so fuckin' popular. We continue to try and combine hip hop and house music and maybe, you know, in September or maybe in October, were going to release our remix for Destructo, the track is Renegade, with Freddie Gibbs. Hes like a famous rapper in California. We already made the remix, he enjoyed it and signed off on it. So it will be the next one of ours. Maybe November we going to release our 3rd EP on Night Bass.

DB: Yes, yes alright! Right on.

That’s why we try to put only best tracks in this EP because its so hard the 3rd EPs gotta be the best one, because you already released 2 EPs that’s why 3rd ones gotta be super, its gotta be amazing, its gotta be the best one.

DB: We’ll keep our eyes open around November. Well done today guys, your set was awesome, glad you made it. Well played.

Thank you, thank you.


Interview & Article byBarrett Hoffer

Photos by Ashlyn Fulton Photography

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