Underground Techno Label Heist Mode Releases its Debut Various Artists Compilation 'Vol. I'

April 23, 2021 -

Celeste Olvera

Electronic music artist and label owner Barbosa created ‘Vol. I’, the debut Various Artists compilation to release on his Canadian and American music label Heist Mode on April 23rd. The VA features twenty-five tracks in which each track is composed by a different artist. Barbosa with his growing success in the East Coast continues to display his passion in rudimentary Techno with a blend of European and North American production skills into his new techno label.

Pre-save/stream the release here: https://li.sten.to/hmr001

Bringing together an array of talented artists from Canada, USA, and Europe, the dark and visceral landscape of the VA includes the work of various techno connoisseurs such as Overture, Rhyot, Nailbiter, Decoder, Aahan, PVR and Cespedes. The compilation starts off with Barbosa’s opening track ‘Android’ which drowns listeners in fiery acid synthesizers concealed by heavy industrial percussions. Setting the tone for the remainder of the VA, ‘Android’ is a fragment of the plethora of sounds that makes Barbosa’s label distinct.

Overture's 'Uncertain Future' begins by driving listeners into what seems like a gentle ride, then moderately combining fragments of ample synths layered with rich dark kicks that are confined in mysterious vocals. Meanwhile, PVR's 'Stages' begin abruptly with a fiery BPM accompanied by a multitude of claps and hats- leading towards a perfect orchestration of melodic synths and percussions. 'Aphelion' greets listeners with a culmination of roaring synths which sound like distant rolling thunder, accompanied by a revving build up, intertwined with industrial loops- a heavy yet subtle arrangement by Rhyot. Cespedes' 'Distance' buckles listeners into a faded rollercoaster of kicks and synths- enlightened with hats which profoundly shape that warehouse sound. The range of sounds 'Vol. I' reaches from these tracks alone sets the tone of what to expect from this loaded VA.

Celebrating the return of shows, Barbosa has been planning Heist Mode artists to display their talents in a series of live events across North America. ‘Vol. I’ is the perfect release to look forward to the label’s future live events along with its future successes in the underground scene.

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Twitter |Instagram | Facebook | Soundcloud | Spotify


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