Um.. Dead Rocks Interview

June 27, 2018 -

Barrett Hoffer

Dubstep duo um.. are headed to Denver in a few short days for Dead Rocks 2018. For the first time, this years event will span the course of 2 days. um.. is among the 10 supporting acts (that’s right, 10) set to perform. Their new single 'Nothing To Say' released on Deadbeats is a futuristic & almost trippy spin down a dub filled rabbit hole. My advice? Be sure to give that track a listen. I got a chance to catch up with the duo before heading out west. Check out the unabridged interview below:

I saw you guys play the opening set at BASSment Saturdays a couple of years ago. (RIP Webster Hall) In what ways has your artistic career flourished since then?
That was our first out of state show we ever played and we had been talking about playing there just a few days before the offer came in. It felt serendipitous. A lot has changed since then, we’ve found a more consistent lifestyle balance between everything that comes with building a brand. Overall, we just stuck with it and kept doing what we felt we should do even when it felt like no one was listening.
How does each of your creative styles compliment the other?
Like salt and pepper.
What do you hope to gain from being apart of the Deadbeats tour?
It’s cool that we get to play at red rocks, that was one of our top venues to play. It’ll be fun to play in front of a crowd that has a lot of people that don’t know our music too. Those type of shows are usually more nerve wracking, but it feels better when it goes well compared to playing a headline show where the people already know who you are.
What was the creative process behind your new track “Nothing to Say”?
All of our tracks come from just going with the flow. The results are rarely deliberate
Dylan, last time I was with Ben during MMW, I recall our convo about your back. How are you feeling now?
I'm doing better, I don’t have to take Advil every few hours just to feel good enough to walk. I had a long couple years of bad pain and I’m grateful I’m doing better at least for now.
If you could be any kind of dog, which breed would you be and why?
Collectively somewhere between gubby and pogo.
What can we expect from you in the rest of 2018?
Definitely some social media posts and other content such as like that and music of made by us and with maybe some others. Thanks. 
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