[Interview] Touch Sensitive teases new album @ Red Rocks

July 7, 2017 -

Barrett Hoffer

Just 19 miles west of Denver you'll find a town called Morrison. Morrison is a small, humble town that you wouldn't necessarily think too much of. Tiny little place tucked away in the rolling valleys surrounded by giant protruding rocks. The thing to keep in mind about Morrison is that it just so happens to be the home of the infamous Red Rocks Amphitheater. Resting at roughly 6.5k ft elevation, Red Rocks is with out a doubt one of, if not, the highest venue we have ever been too. The audience faces East, back towards Denver, with the sun setting at their backs. The colosseum-esque style of seating provides the perfect natural lighting for the artists who perform there.


The headliner for this particular show on Wednesday, July 5 was Flume. Now, the majority of us at least have heard that name, not to mention those of you familiar with his music, or his label mates at Future Classic. But what caught our attention about this particular show was a lesser known name: Touch Sensitive.


Born Michael Di Francesco (Mikey), Touch Sensitive is based in Sydney, Australia. Having just played in Brooklyn and a bit before that in LA, we were curious to see his thoughts on the variation of the audience base between the 2. And good news New York, he felt our audience was more focused! (But he did play live, not just mix, and he wasn't solo, he had Tiger & Woods with him, so let's not forget to factor that in.)

On the note of playing live, he's been known to play his bass guitar and a keyboard during sets as well. During the interview he talked about his progression on migrating towards doing live sets more often in his performances.

Touch sensitive

Now for those of you who know this guy, you undoubtedly have heard his track ‘Pizza Guy’. This, in our opinion, is a perfect example of the sound that Touch Sensitive creates. It's soft, smooth, sunny-day-in-a-convertible, wind-in-your-hair, cruising-down-the-coast type of music. And on this type of feel good, slow motion house, let's not forget to mention his collaboration with Anna Lunoe titled Real Talk and his most recent single titled Lay Down.

Being his most recently released track, Lay Down has already racked up 550k plays and counting on Spotify. We shared this bit of info with him and it actually came to his surprise! Assuredly happy to hear the news, he wanted to reiterate that people measure success differently, but “anything in the green is good”, am I right?

Having some really catchy, stand out singles, we were curious to inquire about this album that he spoke about during his guest selecta chat on Anna Lunoe’s Hyper House episode 96. Good news readers! Even though he is eager to make small adjustments (we’re our own worst critics, right?), he did say the album is finished and he's happy with the overall outcome. We should keep our eyes and ears peeled for its release in September.

Touch sensitive

During our discussions we did touch on the topic of recent tastes or newfound fondness in music. Mikey mentioned how he would listen to tracks that had a certain sound he loved but didn't know how to classify it. Turns out it's progressive house. Now that he's got a name to the sound, it leaves one to wonder if this upcoming album will have some examples of dabbling into progressive house.

With such feel good music, a flawless mustache, and those silk shirts, it's no surprise his favorite breakfast spot in Sydney has a dish named after him. We just had to get the story behind this one:

As you would assume, said dish is called the Touch Sensitive. We figured it must have been either his regular order, or something the chef created as a result of being inspired by his music. Right? No. Mikey eats at “Either Or” in Sydney roughly twice a week on his way to and from the gym. Apparently, one of the wait staff was also a promoter and knew who he was. So the promoter called up Mikey, told him about it, and next time he came in, there it was on the menu. And it wasn't even his fav dish! Just something new they made. Nonetheless, it's pretty cool to have a breakfast dish in ones name, especially at their favorite restaurant.

Coming up next for Touch Sensitive, he'll be touring around the US in support of Flume and Flight Facilities. We recommend checking his tour dates below to see if you can't catch a show near you. After this it's back to Sydney to get things ready for that September release.

Touch sensitive

View the full photo album here


Article by Barrett Hoffer

Photos by Ashlyn Fulton Photography


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