Top 7 Artists to See at Okeechobee's Jungle 51 Stage

January 6, 2016 -


This is the first of a series of articles about Okeechobee Music Festival*

Okeechobee Music Festival came in with a bang, featuring an eclectic array of musical talents, from Skrillex to Daryl Hall & John Oats. After revealing waves of artists, Okeechobee also released information on the Jungle 51 Stage: Non-stop techno from dusk till dawn. *brb crying tears of joy*. I've delved into the realm of researching  and chose my top 7 artists to see at Okeechobee's Jungle 51 Stage. Techno babes and bros  unite, no sleep will be had this weekend.

In order of names on the lineup announcement

1. Marcel Fengler

Hailing from Berlin, Marcel Fengler has a delightfully intense sound that is dark and personable at the same time. According to his bio, "Techno according to Marcel Fengler has nothing to do with being a go‐getter or having an alternative career, it is way more than means to an end: it is his definitive and concentrated passion." Which is so beautifully said.



2. John Acquaviva

DJ and Producer John Acquaviva is a techno icon who produces insanely energetic sets from start to finish. Not only is he killer at producing and dj-ing, he's also a savvy businessman. He cofounded PLUS8 Records back in 1990.


3. DJ Three

DJ Three has a sound like no other. You may recognize his sets from Burning Man's Robot Heart. With spacey, satiable vibey tunes and desert-y sounds, DJ Three makes you wish you were at that sunrise set 24/7.


4. Brian Cid

Brian Cid mixes like a genius. Coming from Brooklyn, Brian Cid pours a housey, transcendental feel into his mixes and tracks. Soul awakening is a good way to describe his sound.


5. O.BEE

O.BEE comes from New York and his hometown, Istanbul. With an eclectic sound with many different countries musical influences thrown in, O.BEE reels you in and won't let you escape.


6. Mayssam

I love seeing women in the electronic music industry. Mayssam's sound features distorted vocals and a deep, tech sound surely heard in another universe beyond the realms of our galaxy.


7. Rambo Springsteen

Although I can't seem to find any information on Rambo Springsteen, I did manage to come across his soundcloud and Facebook page. The one mix that was on his page was the most high energy mix that I came across through writing this article. Definitely a groovy feel that'll be sure to have your feet moving. I like his mystery, which makes me want to check out his set even more.


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