The Unmistakable Sound of Torro Torro - "Gotta Know"

January 10, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

The name Torro Torro derived from duo Mike “Digits” Gonek and Evan “Yo Ev” Norton’s home base Toronto. However, with their original mix “Gotta Know” this duo brings a wild side! At the beginning of the track the sound of a deep drum places you around a fire in Africa. With the influence of tropical riddims, the sound is heavy and grinds you into the ground, in a good way. The synth is familiar to the same sound the duo used in their track “Go Deep.”

What makes “Gotta Know” pop is how nasty this duo gets with their heavy beats- it sends vibrations up and down the spine and of course, places a smile on the face. Before you know it, Torro Torro spins it around and your ears are being lifted with a smooth soothing sound of electro house music. This duo is dubbed having a “classic Torro sound” that cannot be mistaken.

Listen to their track "Gotta Know" below and tell us what you think!

This is a tune we did for the Moombahton Forever Compilation (Out January 17, 2013) - T&A Records. We started this tune around the time we made Go Deep, so you'll hear that similar synth in this one. We originally just made it as a half finished idea to play out in our sets and it worked great. When Ledoom/Dave Nada/Bro Safari and others started throwing around the idea of everyone contributing to a compilation, we decided to turn it into a real song. Hope you dig.

Really proud of all the producers who contributed to this project - everyone brought their own respective styles to the table.

Be sure to also check out all of the songs from the compilation in a mixed format on DJ Craze's Moombahton Forever mix at the T&A Records Soundcloud page!


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