The Last Summer Weekend of Mural Festivals

September 26, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

We gave one last cheers to summer last weekend. All around the country, teams of artists assembled their scissor lifts and spray paint cans. Preeped the walls with a base coat then slayed some epic murals. The walls never stood a chance...
Huge line ups of mural painters, brought from all over the world to crush walls. Events included, KaaBoo Del MarMurals in the MarketColorado Crush. Even Japan is getting in the mix with POW WOW // JAPAN and the secret mural project underway right now.
Keep in mind: All of the photos below were painted last weekend.

Kamea Hadar @kameahadar


Tatunga @tatunga

Brendan Monroe

Brendan Monroe @brendantheblob

Jade Rivera

Jade Rivera @jade1rivera

Ian Ross

Ian Ross @ianrossart


HUEMAN @hueman_


Amandalynn @alynnpaint

Kelly Ording

Kelly Ording @okellyording

  To see more of KaaBoo Artists click the link. Over 80 artists both international and local talent working side by side. A music festival that is so much more than just a festival. Del Mar, California USA
September 16th-18th, 2015
 Check the video:


RONE @r_o_n_e

2 Askew ONE

Askew One @askewone

3 Yis and Woes

Angry Woebots @woes & Nosego @nosego COLAB


Miss Van

Miss Van @vanessa_alice

Hebru Brantley

Hebru Brantley @hebrubrantley


Ouizi @0uizi

Shark Tooth

Shark Toof @shark__toof


Nychos @nychos

 For more information about Murals in the Market check the Website.
For exclusive news check the link. Purchase Artwork from the artists here.
Murals in the Market is a festival in Detroit, MI.  Combining local food and public art. September 17th-25th, 2015.
Check the video in the link.


Lauren YS @lolo_ys


Jake Merten @lookatart & MDMN Art @madmanart COLAB


Dread @dreadicrgod

 Vyal One

Vyal One @vyalone


Brian Scott hampton @brian_scott_hampton


Rubin415 @rubin415


Jaime Molina @cuttyup


Blaine FOntana @blainefontana


Dread @dreadicrgod


Ease One @easeonetx & Casey Kawaguchi @caseykawaguchi COLAB


Christina Angelina @starfightera & Dread @dreadicrgod COLAB

Colorado Crush, September 18th- 20th, 2015
RiNo Art District, Denver CO
Colorado Crush is raising awareness in the community of the positive influence of graffiti. The goal is to celebrate and recognize street art as a viable form of creativity.
Check out behind the scene photos from Lindsey Bertlett: Behind the Scene Photo Slideshow
Check out the official Colorado Crush website and on Instagram.

For those of you wondering, this wave of murals at festivals and all over your feed is part of a much larger movement. Contemporary Muralism. A movement that fuses the athleticism of commercial painting with the magic of studio art work. Incredibly painted images adorning a five story building.
 Generally speaking, when you stroll around your neighborhood, you see advertisements on billboards and businesses. How often do you see public art painted for the soul purpose of enjoyment? If you get to see beautiful murals on the daily, enjoy it because your community knows the value of public art.
 But what makes a mural? A mural is a stationary piece of visual art. A painting that interacts with the community, often large in scale. It becomes part of the community, a landmark. The walls are still yet the city bustles past, until next year, when the cycle begins again. Up next, fall festivals!

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