The Beatgasm Hotel Stakes its Claim in Miami

April 10, 2015 -

Daily Beat Staff

Collins Avenue is lit head to toe. There is a line spanning around the block full with eager faces awaiting the party paradise that stands just beyond the bouncer’s rope. A safe-haven of overpriced drinks, serious dance moves and unbelievably mind blowing music. As I come closer to the scene, I can hear the sounds of blaring bass and a loud crowd. I recognize the Clevelander, as I have been here many times before, and automatically feel I’ve somehow wound up someplace entirely different. There is an energy in the air one can only find at Miami Music Week. Never have I seen such an audience at this charming outdoor venue. Never have I heard these sounds played across it’s covered pool. Illuminated in the sky in bright lights, “The Beatgasm Hotel” is firmly declaring it’s outdoor south beach take over.


Bringing some of the best and biggest acts that the 2015 Miami Music Week had to offer, this event was bound to be a spectacle. This 4-day long binger included heavy hitters like 3lau, Afrojack, Breathe Carolina, Bassjackers, Porter Robinson, Audien, Duke Dumont, Sydney Sampson, Snails and also much to my enjoyment shed a lot of light on upcoming talent such as Prince Fox, TyDi and AN21. And Get this, the entire event was free; Free with the download of the new Beatgasm Application. (Go Download It, Seriously.)

The entire event was set up to spread the word about this new electronic music streaming service. We got a chance to sit down and talk with the Beatgasm VP of Programming Erik Velez. I was curious about the origin of the idea, how it came to light, and where it will go from here.

Beatgasm is a new kind of streaming service that offers different stations by genre, mood, energy, popularity and more. There is also a strong feature on upcoming talent.

DB: How exactly do you sector off different songs to these different categories?

Well we have a system in place, an algorithm, which picks up information like rhythmic frequencies, beats per minute, and other song characteristics. That data is displayed to and then picked apart by our team of curators and then grouped into their according categories. Considering the amount of confusion in electronic music deciding what genre is what, we want to provide a simple outlet for people to learn about genre. Also, rather than each artist being grouped, each track is grouped separately, to avoid throwing an artist into a certain particular bubble.

DB: When did the idea start?

The idea started about a year and a half ago, probably around late January

DB: January 21st? That’s my birthday

Haha We’ll call it that. It’s official.

DB: The official birth of Beatgasm! Obviously, you guys have gained a lot of traction in a small amount of time, where do you see Beatgasm going from here.

We have plans to expand worldwide later this year. We will be expanding to Europe and Latin America.

DB: That’s really awesome, going global. What’s made the idea a success?

The whole purpose is to get a taste of music without paying too much to experience it either. We are all about educating people in different genres and generally just bringing new music to be heard!

Joining us for the conversation was Megan, Erik’s right hand partner who handles marketing and promotion. When asked what sort of efforts they were putting to use for promotion she spoke of massive social media support and partnerships with local and regional radio stations that have helped to spread the word on Beatgasm. It was apparent that this organization has a great foundation. They brought great vibes, were very knowledgeable and full with excited hope towards the future. I will certainly be checking up on Beatgasm as they progress.


The following nights would hold magic moments, new friends, and a whole lot of raging. I near lost my mind when Big Gigantic joined Snails on stage to slay a couple dubstep tracks with that soulful saxophone. The spirit of collaboration, invention, and experimentation reigned high over Miami This week. It was truly an incredible experience to be a part of.

Photos by L. Leuterio Photo



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