The 7 Types of People in Your Rave Crew

November 17, 2015 -

Molly Winnett

The 2015 festival season is quickly approaching a close. And throughout this year you've been to multiple festivals and events with your infamous "Rave Crew". While every crew is different, here are the usual types that show up ready to rage.

The Professional.

This is the person you want to rage with. They've been to every big festival multiple times. Therefore, they know the ins and outs of the festival. They are usually the leader of the group because they've done their homework. They know all the best stages to venture to and the best sets to go see.  Don't think of them as a know-it-all. Look to them as your ultimate festival guide.

The Rave Couple.

The couple that met and fell in love at a festival. Aw. They spend every second together, and somehow it's something you secretly want. They are perfect for each other, and they love to tell you that you'll find what they have someday. The Rave Couple is the quintessential #relationshipgoal.

The Basshead.

Most likely a Bassnectar fanatic. They are THE headbanger. They flock to the sound of the face-melting bass. They act as a hype man getting your crew pumped for the next drop. They coined the phrase "bass in your face". The ultimate pro with the Basshead is their way to get you and your crew as close to the front row as possible.

The Magician.

"Not all those who wander are lost." The Magician is a constant disappearing and reappearing act. They leave the crew for a bathroom break and 30 minutes later, you've finally realized that they are nowhere to be found. Then they like to magically show up at a random set an hour later. Equipped with a relieved smile and open arms, the Magician somehow manages to unite the crew.

The Mother.

Typically, the Mother is the girlfriend of the Rave Couple. She makes sure everyone is ok at all times. She is an essential member of the Rave Crew because she can be so nurturing. She comes prepared with extra water, gum, and snacks. At some point, she gets on everyone's nerves, yet you're always thankful to have someone like her in the crew.

The Entertainer.

Usually consisting of dancers, and flow artists. They are the ones that draw the crowd and make your crew famous. They never let their crew down with amazing light shows and jaw-dropping footwork. You want to learn every move from them. If it weren't for them, your Rave Crew, wouldn't have that "it" factor.

The Dreamer.

They are the spiritual leaders of the crew. They preach about unity and the true meaning of PLUR. The Dreamer always packs incense, essential oils, crystals, and organic everything. They act as the crew's Shaman, helping everyone become more in tune with their inner being. They love being a part of the crew because of the good vibes we all possess.

No matter what member of the Rave Crew you are, a rave crew is more than a friendship. It's a family with a bond in music. We all come together for the same thing. Whether your crew stretches from across the nation or comes from one small city, we are all coming together to hear the music that united us in one way or another. The Rave Family doesn't judge and accepts any and all future members.

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