Tender Glue Delivers Monumental Indie-Rock Infused Single 'Sad Sometimes'

September 2, 2022 -

Justin Angle

Hailing from Poland, Tender Glue, the moniker of Tom Gluewicki, is an upcoming artist who’s pushing the boundaries of the music industry with each one of his releases. This project is not about Tom or his band – it’s just about the music forged by an urge to create. After fixing a broken guitar his brother had brought home, Tom’s passion for music erupted and he immediately dove into building his talent. This songwriter has developed the ability to pen down emotional and infectious tunes at any moment.

Highlighting this capability, Tender Glue’s new single “Sad Sometimes” is a blessing to the indie-rock community. From the first sung word and echoing instrumental progression, “Sad Sometimes” captures the listener’s attention, keeping them locked in for its entirety. Moody drums and smooth guitars are draped together in harmony, allowing the lead vocals to ebb and flow in between. Tom’s lyrics are extremely expressive, humble but raw and emotional, putting his real thoughts and feelings on display. As the track moves forward, it progressively becomes more optimistic while simultaneously more vulnerable. It is an adventure across different moods and sentiments.

Shedding light on the innovative process behind the track, Tom shares, “‘Sad Sometimes’ starts off with a negative tone of dark thoughts and the pointlessness of everything but quickly resolves with a slower, more positive ending. The second part of the song gradually emerges into a more comforting feeling that even though there are times when nothing makes sense, there are still many important little things that lift my spirit and happiness that I want to concentrate on more often.”

Overall, Tom hopes his Tender Glue project will serve as a place for people to find solace in. With a desire to connect with his audience, “Sad Sometimes” is the perfect vessel to showcase Tender Glue’s purpose and individuality.


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