Talking with Kristin Rose: Success, Standing Out, and Techno

January 20, 2015 -


I had the opportunity to go deep with Kristin Rose after her opening set for Eric Prydz at Royale Boston, discussing what it takes to make it in the electronic music industry and how to stand out in the worlds of techno and progressive house. Kristin gave some valuable insight on the path to making it as a DJ:


Batch: If you could go back in a time machine to give advice to your younger self, what would you tell yourself to do differently?

I wouldn’t tell myself to do anything differently. I would just remind myself that struggle builds character. When you’re pursuing greatness (in any industry) there are going to be struggles and letdowns; when you’re able to overcome those difficulties you see that they lead you to the most beautiful, career changing moments. Better than anything you could’ve ever dreamed of and you suddenly look back and realize that the previous disappointments were so worth it. 

Batch: What have been the biggest surprises for you in the industry?

Nothing surprises me anymore!

Batch: What made you want to start DJing?

Growing up I always loved listening to my older brothers 80’s techno-pop band CD’s. That was really my first introduction into loving the electronic sound. At eighteen I moved to New York to go to college and I made friends with club promoters just so they would sneak me into clubs. I loved the music so much I knew that somehow I had to be in this industry.

Batch: How did you start out?

I started out with my Dell computer in a local Avalon, NJ beach bar! From there I graduated to a unit called The Hercules. When I got my first legitimate booking, I looked up used CDJs on Craigslist and found CDJ 1000’s and a Pioneer mixer located in Canada. I decided that this was going to be my career and took my whole savings out of the bank and drove to Canada that day to pick everything up. The rest is history.

Batch: Who were your biggest influences when you started?

Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 and Bob Sinclar.

Batch: What genre defines you?

Techno and Progressive House. More of the melody driven, organic progressive that tells a story.

Batch: Who are your biggest influences now?

Influence and inspiration in one word: Prydz.

Batch: Were you more into shows or festivals?

Both are pretty amazing but if I had to choose one it would be shows. Festivals artists have a specific time slot and only so long to play. At shows you see the artist’s ability to get creative in an intimate setting. In my sets I like to really tell a story, if I have the opportunity to play a 4-6 hour extended techno set I’m in all my glory.

Batch: What advice would you give to new producers now?

Don’t be afraid of being unique; people will respect you for being different and staying true to yourself and your sound.


Keep up with Kristin here.

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