Swedish House Mafia: Bill Graham Civic Auditorium - San Francisco, CA

March 2, 2013 -

Daily Beat Staff

I think that the first time I heard of the group Swedish House Mafia was when they released one of their most popular tracks, One. Everyone played it to the point where I heard it multiple times, every day. But giving credit where credit is due, that song is pretty amazing. My interest in electronic music has been apparent since I was in middle school. I’d have radios on iTunes set to hardstyle and trance while I was doing homework, and I was obsessed with games like DDR. Now a days, my attraction towards EDM is a little more refined, I actually go see the artists that I love.

About a week ago, the opportunity to buy two Swedish House Mafia tickets at the price of $40 each kind of fell into my lap, and even though I was on my last strands of money I could spend, it was on the night before Valentine’s Day. Talk about the perfect thing to go do. I threw down the money and then the wait began. Two weeks seemed like two years waiting for one of, what seemed to be, the best weekends ever. And boy did it not disappoint. I got out of my last class Wednesday afternoon at 5:30 and immediately started getting ready for the show. I got a call from my friend who had made it to the show right on time, who had told me that no one was really playing and to not worry that I was a little late.

With pretty much all my worries stored away, we made the drive to the city to the Bill Graham Auditorium. Made it in with only one minor speed bump, and then by sheer luck ran into all of my friends as soon as we walked in. The energy in the venue was intense and after skipping to the front of the longest coat check line in the world, we got out on the dance floor.

I’m not exactly sure who the opening act was, and neither did any of my friends around me, but they put on a really good energy, that travelled into the next act. Swedish House came on after a couple minutes of silence and the crowd went wild. It’s hard to tell just how good DJ’s play at event’s like this, because everyone always seems to be having a good time regardless, but without a doubt, Swedish House Mafia put on one of the best shows I have seen, both with the quality of music they played to the visual lightshows they had set up.

They finished their set and we finished our drinks to head out into the cold San Francisco night air. Feeling very well satisfied from the nights performances, we got home and went to bed happy campers. It’s always sad to hear when a group is going on their last tour, but they sure did go out with a bang.


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