Spotlight: Carl Cox

March 25, 2013 -

Finn Lurcott

"Oh Yes, Oh Yes!" What we have here people of Daily Beat is a figure who revolutionises dance music. This guy has everything going for him and that is down to his own hard work, perseverance and talent! Moulded into the person he is today from the depths of Britain, Carl was born on 29 July 1962, and has been wowing us with new releases and sets ever since then. Let me just list you guys some general background info about Cox.

Cox began his career as a hardcore and rave DJ in the mid 1980s. He has performed at clubs such as The Eclipse, Edge, Shelly's, Sterns Nightclub, Heaven, Sir Henry's in Cork, Ireland and Angels and The Haçienda, as well as raves for Fantazia, Dreamscape, NASA and Amnesia House. He now spearheads two record labels, Intec Records and 23rd Century Records as well as having his own stage every year at Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and Electric Daisy Carnival, going by the name Carl Cox and Friends. If i were to list to you his albums, single, compilations and remixes I'm afraid we would be here for some time so i'll spare you the energy but the list is impressive to say the least spanning from as early as 1991.


So for you reading this, I guess the question is "why am I doing a spotlight on Carl?" Let me answer that for you. Firstly, why not? This guy is probably one of the most respected faces in the electronic music industry today, with him being referred to by some as the Godfather of House and Techno. Secondly, the past few weeks have seen us distracted by the huge event taking place at UMF in Miami. The mainstage has shown us the arrival of Avicii's new album, the departure of Swedish House Mafia, and appearances from the soon-to-be-coming-back Daft Punk. Amid all this chaos and excitement however, Carl Cox has been in the background at his own stage for almost every night of UMF that was possible. Now if that isn't commitment then I'm not sure what is. I have tried to find a clip of  Carl for you guys from Ultra this year but all that is available are a few mobile phone uploads which don't do justice to the set up that was there. However, here is a quick clip from Tomorrowland last year which gives you an idea of what Cox's sets are like. Check this out!

Some of you may be getting the vibe that I am more into my underground original house and techno. Don't get that impression. I love all the artists that are centred on the mainstage and think that they are all incredibly talented. However, I feel that in being so caught in the visuals and pure madness of that mainstage, we miss out on a gem of sound that was just around the corner, in most cases, and I'm hoping to bring some of that sweet sweet sound to your ears.

If any of you get the chance to go and see Carl can I suggest that you take that opportunity without a moments hesitation. He has shows coming up in Brighton, Amsterdam and Jesolo. If you are anywhere nearby, go check him out! Finally to Carl, if your reading this (which I highly doubt but better to be safe than sorry) please don't stop your amazing run of talent for at least another 20 years! Thank you.

Carl Cox Website | Carl Cox Mixcloud | Carl Cox Facebook

Carl Cox Twitter

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