Sour Patch Kids Provides Brooklyn Fire An Oasis In...Brooklyn

July 8, 2015 -

Derek Kademian

From the outside it seems like your run of the mill brown-stone in Brooklyn, but what's inside is every up and coming artist's dream getaway. Four floors of sensory appealing goodness that embrace all the aspects of being an artist in New York City and promotes creativity. Designed by the generous folks at Sour Patch Kids (yes the candy), they've created a space that's specifically designed to optimize an artist's creativity.

Lovingly called The Patch, rising artists are selected to be able to use all of it's facilities for free from a day to even a week. Equipped with it's own recording studio and even a vocal booth, The Patch gives artists the opportunity to create without having to worry about the pressures of impending label deadlines and paying for professional time in a studio. Decked out with fine/street art from New York natives such as Jeanette Hayes, Bradley Ogbonna and others, it adds to the house's dedication to local artists. The Patch retains a authentic New York City vibe, while at the same time it provides a sense of leisure and comfort that most bedroom producers rarely get to experience.


Graced with working artists like Halsey, Caviler and G-Eazy since it's opening in November, The Patch welcomed Brooklyn's own Brooklyn Fire to come play for the week. It's not all about the production though, artists who stay here can use the time to focus on themselves a bit through conducting interviews and catching up on other projects. For instance, on top of the heap of collaborations that happened that week, Brooklyn Fire artists also live streamed a massive back to back set via Twitch from The Patch, where they got to strut their stuff for hundreds of viewers.

Founded by legendary DJ and producer Tommie Sunshine, Brooklyn Fire has some of the strongest rising talent in dutch, jungle and their self-claimed genre 'riot house'. Utilizing all of the tools available, Brooklyn Fire artists Kastra, Halfway House, Leon Vice, Zendex, Hypster, APAX and the heavily hyped Kandy all spread out and collaborated with each other making some sweet beats. Kandy said, "Patch House was a whole new take on the word 'experience' for me, getting to work with all these talented producers from all over the world was definitely a learning experience."

To kick off the week, The Patch also co-sponsored Brooklyn Fire's showcase event in the Webster Hall Studio, which was, with the exception of their notorious Bassment Saturdays, the most beats it's seen in months. Instead of following the usual way of following specific set times, they broke out of the mold and played an epic b2b all night, allowing everyone to hop on and make the crowd lose their minds. Scoring the #15 spot on InTheMix's Australian People's Choice list this year, APAX, made their debut U.S. performance.


The idea behind The Patch is a truly beautiful thing. A company giving providing a positive environment to artists so that they can focus on their craft and not worry about the outside world for a bit. Unlike brands like Red Bull and Monster who already have well established stakes with some of the biggest artists in the industry, Sour Patch Kids simply does not. Their brand coincides with the artists that stay there. It's not as if one day they woke up and said, "hey let's have Skrillex and Kanye West stay at The Patch." That would be unreasonable and not cost-effective, so instead they'd rather nurture the rising artists who could use some help so that one day they could become the next top tier entertainer.


TPA Studios on Broadway and 27th provided the CDJs for the Twitch live stream if you email TPA for producing lessons within the month of July with the code "BrooklynPatch', you can get 35% off your first lesson.



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