Soulection's The Sound Of Tomorrow In Los Angeles [Event Recap]

April 14, 2015 -

Jacob Piotrowski

This weekend our team from Daily Beat finally had the pleasure of witnessing the latest collective phenomena from Los Angeles known as Soulection. Co-founded by DJ’s Joe Kay and Andre Power the group serves as a record label, radio show, and music collective. They've been working for years to establish their reputation creating a cultural movement through sharing an eclectic artistic vision unprecedented by any other collective around.

Their renowned radio show, The Sound Of Tomorrow™, has gained massive attention through their weekly Soundcloud broadcasts filled with the latest and greatest productions, frequently featuring music from their roster of artists including Abjo, Mr. Carmack, Esta, and Sam Gellaitry. The group aims, “to inspire and foster an environment that values creativity, hard work and vision,” and this can be seen worldwide at every live or radio show presented by their team. For this particular night, Soulection took over The Regent in Los Angeles for their homecoming show featuring Andres, Sasha Marie, SPZRKT, Andre Power, Jay Prince, IAMNOBODI and Joe Kay.

Waiting for the doors to open, I witnessed the crowd of fans, many of whom were decked out in their favorite Soulection gear. Inside I found Andres playing some smooth hip hop demonstrating his cuts and chops with plenty of expert scratch routines. The chill vibes offered enough to slowly fill up the floor and loft for the remainer of Andre's unique set.

The Regent slowly increased in energy as Sasha Marie began her set with some heavy future bass. Tracks such as Carmack's P.I.M.P. remix helped her maneuver through an epic set helping to keep the crowd at a high energy. Throughout the show, Sasha went back and forth between bangers from the likes of Drake to Soulection classics, like Sango’s Me de Amor. The combination of chill beats and bangers is something that the audience was able to appreciate showing love through their dancing.1527674_862544237152441_456507768_n

Soulection has spent the past 4 years cultivating their vision, this show was a mere celebration of what they've accomplished and what's to come.

Up next Spzrkt brought about a beautifully warm atmosphere to match Soulection's positive crowd. His performance was nothing short of excellent with vocal pieces that made everyone's jaw drop. Spzrkt was interacting with the crowd nonstop, inviting a young lady to one-on-one serenade with his track Hipster Girl. Towards the end of his set, Spzrkt brough out Los Angeles native KR as a special guest, adding a hyphy surprise to an already amazing set.

By this point it became obvious that the show was sold out, as the entire dance floor and balcony flooded with fans of Soulection. After Spzrkt’s set, Andre Power hopped on the decks to deliver his take on hip hop. There was plenty of Drake played satisfying those who would be missing out on Coachella. After playing some bangers, Andre switched it up by filling the room with a blend of RNB and house that was impossible not to groove to. From Kanye classics to old school Mobb Deep tracks, Andre Power’s set had enough variety to satisfy a wide range of music tastes. With his expert song selection, Andre kept the entire crowd either singing or dancing non stop throughout the show, demonstrating massive support and energy from Soulection's loyal community.

Shortly after we had the pleasure of witnessing Jay Prince’s play for his first time in Los Angeles. The UK rapper came prepared, rocking the mic to deliver a performance that was simply amazing. With all of the smooth production and whitty rhymes, it was no wonder that the Soulection team decided to take Jay Prince on tour with them. The room reacted very well to his performance, welcoming the foreign style that had a sort of familiarity to it.11146196_939411366103267_7105360119108072268_n

IAMNOBODI took to the stage next storming through variations of house that could get the even whitest kid to bust some moves. Being his first time playing in Los Angeles as well IAMNOBODI made sure to keep everyone dancing and making a powerful first impression. The mix of hip hop and house easily made his set my favorite from the night. He was able to get the entire room dancing in a kind of unity that was completely unique to a Soulection show. The love that was being spread was incredible to witness live.

To finish off the night, we had the pleasure of listening to the funky sounds of Joe Kay, one of Soulection's co-founders. It immediately became clear that he was a master of the craft as he rocked the latest tracks from up and coming producers around the world. Joe knew exactly how to play for his crowd and the crowd reacted accordingly, showing yet again the communal mindset behind Soulection. Joe Kay’s set was the perfect way to finish up a night filled with some of the most unique music in the electronic scene.

Soulection is an inspiring group of like-minded individuals who have united to spread their vision across the globe. This movement is an example of the backlash from talented artists that are tired of the traditional record label business model. They specialize in giving artists something that major labels fail to offer. Joe Kay and Andre Powers really took the do-it-yourself route and have been successful in establishing a platform through which they could push artists that they truly believed in. It may seem like a miracle to some, but Soulection has shown that with hard work, passion, persistence, and teamwork, like-minded artists could also achieve similar success while still maintaining creative freedom over their work. There have been many other collectives that have been coming up over the past few months such as Team Supreme, Flow-Fi, and Hebinomachi, all groups that have amazing talent supporting their brand which just comes to show that anybody with a vision and the right work ethic can accomplish their goals by banding together with other artists like minded individuals. What Soulection has done is astonishing in every sense of the word. Whether it be the loyal fanbase that they have cultivated from around the world or simply the beautiful live shows and expertly curated radio broadcasts, the group is a global force to be reckoned with. I was personally amazed at just how many people showed up wearing Soulection attire that really just brought out that sense of community that your typical promoters and record labels simply cannot replicate. Soulection is more than just a music collective. Soulection is a worldwide movement without any limit to what they can accomplish.

- Jacob, Polish Prod.


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