Sonic Bloom Provides Truly Boutique Experience in 13th Year

July 1, 2018 -

Will Cuccurullo

As electronic music and rave culture have grown over the last decade, so has the scale of some of our favorite festivals. This growth has done wonders for the production value of events. Live performances, bright lasers, and fireworks galore have become the industry standard. With some cornerstone events approaching two decades old, it is breathtaking to look back and compare our roots with the current state of affairs. Spread among all of the 'massives' that seem to populate the calendar more frequently every year are boutique events; shows that embody a 'less is more' mentality. They emphasize local artistry, display the talents of the community, and allow for more personable experiences with other attendees. These boutique events remind us what what brought us to festivals in the first place. Sonic Bloom 2018 was just that event at Hummingbird Ranch this June.


Captured by A.Y. Photography

At every turn, Sonic Bloom 2018 was a constant reminder of why we attend festivals. It provided the 'DIY' feel commonly lost at productions with over a decade of history. Sonic relied heavily on the community to create the vibe. First and foremost, Sonic Bloom should be commended for its dedication to local artistry. Project Aspect, Krushendo, Jantsen, and SoDown were just a handful of dozens of local producers throwing down on behalf of the infamous Colorado scene. Each showed exactly why Colorado is the unofficial bass capital of the world. Modulated basslines, triumphant brass, and boomin' 808's filled the air. Nothing was off limits, with live musicians playing an array of contemporary and folk instruments. Performance art became as much a part of the experience as the music. In place of large LED displays and giant sub stacks were skilled flow artists, painters, and just about any other abstract medium of expression you can imagine. It was refreshing to see the feats of everyday artists being celebrated in the limelight.


sonic bloomCaptured by A.Y. Photography

Sonic Bloom's headliners did a fantastic job of tailoring their performances to the vibe of the show as well. Keys N Krates schooled us in the fine art of scratching, providing one of the most incredible live performances we have seen on a festival stage in recent memory. Sphongle seamlessly incorporated an aerial silk performance into his show with live flow artists. Indeed, Sonic Bloom went beyond the music to provide an all encompassing transformational experience to attendees. Our eyes, ears, and hearts were filled by the dedication and passion of truly diverse artists at the stages and beyond. This year's Bloom was a celebration of self-expression in its many forms.

sonic bloom

Captured by A.Y. Photography

We couldn't end a recap of this experience without mentioning the impeccable vendor game at Sonic Bloom. Everyone from Super Heady Tacos to The Landshark hold a warm place in our hearts and stomach following the weekend. I cannot remember the last time a music festival offered fresh Cajun food in the high desert.


Sonic Bloom

Captured by A.Y. Photography

Sonic Bloom's efforts to celebrate individuals and their unique talents made it shine brighter than any mainstage we've gazed upon. It is a reminder that while the bright lights and spectacular displays attract us to these festivals, it is indeed the people we return for time and time again.


sonicbloom2018-19Captured by A.Y. Photography

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