Smoke, Lazers and Let The Bass Drop: A Special Interview with Beauty, DJ Bambi

January 8, 2013 -

Ashlyn Fulton

Eva Shaw, who is Dutch-Canadian born, was dubbed the name Bambi after first arriving to New York City, at a time where “A friend of mine thought I looked like a little, bewildered deer,” she told us. Her friend would not dare to say that now after Bambi’s name is seen alongside of Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, Avicii, and Kaskade just to name a few EDM Gods.

This past December, our ears met Bambi’s heavy, electro-house, “Get the hell up and dance” sound on Pier 94, where there were thousands of people! Despite the large number of people, she explained to us, "It felt like I was right next to everyone!” For Bambi, making connections to her crowd is essential.

When she was in Atlantic City at HQ nightclub she told us, “I was just going with how I felt with every track and people were really connected to my flow. It was unreal.” Unreal is right! Going to a lot of shows ourselves, we really enjoy a DJ who tries to make a connection with their audience, as we have noticed with EDM getting so much bigger lately, it seems many DJ's and producers are doing more prerecorded tracks and flailing their hands around like crazy people! That is something that is truly amazing about Bambi, and a thing we truly respect about her style, she DJ's to the crowd!

This past Saturday, we were at Santos Party House in the East Village of New York City this, where we were lucky enough to see Bambi spin in the upstairs room of the club. It was a pleasant surprise to not only feel the vibe of the music directly after walking in, but to look up and see a female there spinning. Bambi’s set touched upon every flavor catering to the crowds music palette with songs such as, “Back Again (Winter 2013 mix)” by Antoine Clamaran, “Here We F*cking Go” by Firebeatz, and “I love it” by Icona Pop. Her sound is hard and heavy with deep bass house mixed with progressive. Bambi can’t spot any differences between female and male artists but has been told she “plays like a dude”, so I guess people associate heavy, big room music with males,” she told us.

Talking with her a little more, she told us excitedly, “2013 is going to be great! I’m looking forward to expanding the brand as well as getting involved in some musical collaboration- I’m excited!" With looks that kill, and talent that vibrates your little EDM heart, Bambi is a rising artist and one to look out for this upcoming year. We hope she spins soon, because we already miss her! We hope you enjoyed this interview with DJ Bambi.

XOXO AB Rave Girls

Listen to BAMBICAST Episode 1 (It's EARGASMIC!):

Thomas Gold & Sandy W - What the Bleep (DJ Bambi Bootleg)

Photo Credit: Provoke Photography

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