SM One & The Rise Of Rehoused

August 17, 2015 -

Joshua Townson

SM One, a Manchester-based tech house DJ and producer has recently released Blockbuster. Available for a free download from Soundcloud, this track stands out from your typical tech house track and through the use of a number of different well-known samples from films, and a really powerful, distinctive bassline, this track could easily get a crowd going!

Originally from Leicester, Sonny Murphy has only been DJing for a year despite producing since he was 14 years old. In his own words, ‘I started making grime beats when I was 14 and have only recently moved over to house music.’ He clearly has an unrivalled passion and a strong determination which has undoubtedly began to pay dividends. He might have only been DJing a year, but by no means does this mean he is not experienced. He recently played at Parklife festival, Pangaea festival as well as making numerous appearances at Rehoused and other events. In a recent interview, it was clear that he is looking forward to September approaching when you can expect to catch him playing regularly at the likes of Rehoused, Piphat, BassFace and other club nights.

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Blockbuster Free Download

Blockbuster on Youtube:

SM One in action at Pangaea Festival in June.

Sonny is a Rehoused resident; a brand that has experienced rapid expansion since launching in early 2015. Two students at the University of Manchester, Tom Canning and Finn Lurcott setup Rehoused after recognising that there was a big need for a student-based brand located in Manchester that fulfils the demand for House/Tech nights with a welcoming family-like atmosphere. Having being featured in several newspaper articles, running vintage clothes fairs, playing at Parklife festival and delivering packed-out parties on a monthly basis, big things are on the horizon for Rehoused. You can expect a series of events with big lineups, a radio show and a constant production of new tracks from September. It’s vital you stay tuned!

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Rehoused Founders and DJS at Parklife festival. (From left to  right: Hugh Lurcott, Finn Lurcott, Tom Canning & Sonny Murphy)

Rehoused Founders and DJS at Parklife festival (From left to right: Hugh Lurcott, Finn Lurcott, Tom Canning & Sonny Murphy).


Another packed-out Rehoused event.

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