Sigala Talks Collaborations, New Tracks, and Snapchat [Interview]

July 7, 2016 -

Garrett Hoppin

There's no doubt about it that London-based DJ/producer Sigala is keeping busy this summer, playing a slew of festivals and shows across the Northern Hemisphere in places like Ibiza, Manchester, and Dover (yep, Delaware) — and Snapchatting all the while.

I recently caught up with Sigala after seeing him at the Firefly Music Festival in Dover to learn more about what it's been like to work with such a diverse catalogue of artists and find out if we'll be getting a full album any time soon.

You recently released "Don't Need No Money" with Imani Williams and Blonde. Can you share what it was like working with them?

I’ve been working with Imani for nearly 2 years now. It’s been amazing watching her progress, and we always have a laugh when we are making music together. Blonde and I had also been working on a few bits and bobs together before this release and I have always admired what they do. Their tracks are always so on point, so it’s amazing to finally have an official collab with them.

Seems like a cop-out question, but with all of the different types of electronic music filling the space right now and all the different names being doled out, how would you personally describe your sound? How would you ideally want a person to describe your music to a friend?

I guess it's melodic, piano-based dance music. Not the most exciting description, but a fairly accurate one I think. I would love for people to share my music with their friends because of its uplifting summery vibes — hopefully it’s something most people can enjoy.

No doubt about it; I think people are jumping at the opportunity to share anything new that you release. I recently saw your show at Firefly, how would you describe the audience and the experience? Are American audiences different than the audiences you're used to outside of the U.S.?

Firefly was so much fun! It was amazing to see the impact my music has had over in the States, it blows my mind. Of what I’ve seen so far, American audiences have been awesome, always up for a good time and really responsive, they know how to party…

What was it like working with Nile Rodgers and John Newman on "Give Me Your Love"? I know you've brought John Newman on stage during multiple shows; any chance you'll be collaborating again in the near future?

What a dream collaboration, two of the most talented people I’ve ever worked with. John and I really hit it off as soon as we met, we both have very similar childish sense of humor so a day of songwriting usually consists of 20% songwriting and 80% messing around. I think at one point we spent at least 2 hours hosting our own radio show over the intercom in my studio, trying to get passers by outside to join in. But when we get down to the music making we both take it pretty seriously. I still haven’t met Nile unfortunately, I worked with him remotely but spoke to him on the phone a few times and he was such a nice guy. I’m really looking forward to meeting him.

I'd listen to that radio show any day. And hopefully you'll get to meet Nile soon, maybe for some new music...? Speaking of which, any plans for new stuff any time soon (aside from "Don't Need No Money")? Maybe an LP? Or a tour?

I have some really exciting things in the pipeline, and definitely an album on the horizon. I’m really excited to start touring with a full band towards the end of the year too.

Can't wait! Anything you want to share with our readers/your fans?

Yeah a shameless plug is always good, right? I’ve only just joined the Snapchat bandwagon so need to rack up some followers! So if you want see what I get up to in the studio and on the road check it out at ‘SigalaMusic’.

Make sure to follow Sigala on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well to get updates on new music and his upcoming tour. You can be sure that we'll be closely watching Sigala and posting new releases as soon as we get our hands on 'em!

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